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Our approach helped many people achieve peace of mind and healthy sexual life… Here is what to expect in sex counseling:

First Session

The first session is an evaluation and opportunity for you to share your concerns and goals in seeking sex counseling, coaching or consultation.

To better understand your matter, you may be asked questions about your history, attempts with resolving the issues as well as your thoughts and feelings. From there, we’ll collaborate in establishing short and long-term goals. Finally, we will discuss a realistic plan or treatment that supports your goals, personality and learning style.

How Often to Meet

After our initial session, we’ll discuss how often to meet. Depending on the matter, sometimes one session is all that’s needed. In other cases, weekly, bi-monthly or another duration may be more appropriate. How much time required before you notice progress depends on the unique circumstances of each individual or relationship.

Tailored Sessions

Feedback is important and at the end of each session, you’ll be asked how you feel about the session, the pace of counseling, and your comfort level. You can also provide your feedback using our contact form.

Wrapping Up

If progress is taking a bit longer, we will re-evaluate the approach. If there’s significant progress and you’re feeling more confident, we will conclude our sessions. Know that our open-door policy means that you’re welcome back at any time.

Insurance Coverage

Not every type of health insurance will cover sex counseling. Those that do cover it may have special requirements or an individual deductible. Confirm your insurance details with your insurance company before you go to your appointment so that you can be prepared for the financial investment.